Powder coating is the process of applying dry powder substance to metal objects instead of using normal wet paint. Vitrakukuh employs a technologically advanced and efficient method of powder coating for a perfect surface finishing.

Powder coating is an efficient way to finish a steel or non-steel substrate as it does not require drying times and importantly, it does not drip or sag, thus leading to clean cut satisfactory results. It leads to a durable finish that is also resistant to corrosion, heat, impact and abrasion.

In every powder coating process, surface preparation is an important first step to remove oil, grease, metal oxides and other chemicals from the metal. It is after the metal is stripped and ready, the application of dry powder will start to produce a smooth, durable and corrosion-resistant finishing. Finally, the product will be cured at a certain temperature and length of time to strengthen the coating for a more lasting effect.

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