Electrostatic Powder Spray Methods (EPS)
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Electrostatic spraying is the most widely used method of applying powder coating.

In an electrostatic powder spray system, powder is supplied to the spray gun from a feeder unit where the powder is fluidised. The powder is pumped from the feeder unit through powder feed hose to the spray gun. The spray gun directs the powder towards the substrate to be coated in a diffused cloud.

The air used to transport the powder from the feeder unit provides the propelling force.

An electrostatic voltage is applied to the spray gun by means of high voltage generation, low amperage electrical powder to an electrode attached to the spray gun. As the powder particulars flow through the gun, it picks up a charge from the electrostatic field near the electrode. The electrostatically charged powder particles will be drawn to the grounded part by electrostatic attraction force.

The overspray powder can be collected, filtered and recycled to the feeder unit, either automatically or manually. The recovery unit usually consists of a cyclone and filter bags.

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